2018 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

2018 Honda CR-Z-front view

2018 Honda CR-Z is a next generation of sports coupe that will have a more aggressive exterior design. The changes bring the angular body lines and wrinkles, while some stylistic elements taken from Honda NSX. Rear fascia is similar to the latest edition of the Honda Civic R-Type. Comparison with respect to the current version of the CR-Z makes significant progress. The body will be built on a new platform that share with the Honda Civic. The platform has been modified for the purposes of this release, and dimensions of vehicles will be higher than in the previous period. In particular it relates to the length and width of the vehicle, while the cabin have a bigger space. New features and materials bring a greater degree of comfort. Sports seats and a revised center console will attract new customers. The drive system is based on a hybrid drive that brings new aggregates. Output performance will meet the needs of drivers and provide good drive-ability. Sport compacts have become popular in recent years and in the US market.

2018 Honda CR-Z-front view

2018 Honda CR-Z – Specs


2018 Honda CR-Z under the hood hides a turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine which will have 280 horsepower. This gasoline will be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that transfers power to the wheels. The electric motor is fed via a lithium-ion battery of high capacity. The Japanese market will pair the 1.5-liter i-DCD engine with an electric motor that makes the hybrid system. Fuel consumption is reduced and the impact on the human environment is friendly. Sports suspension, precise steering system and special wheels guarantees a new driving experience. Detailed specifications will be announced in the coming period.

2018 Honda CR-Z-interior

2018 Honda CR-Z – Cabin


2018 Honda CR-Z has a cabin with 2 + 2 seats, but the space in the back row intended for children due to limited space. The cockpit is oriented towards the driver. Seats are upholstered in new materials and chrome accents. On the center console there is a new cluster with gadgets and other options that will leave you breathless. Safety package has several systems and features that will protect passengers. The premiere model is planned for the Detroit Motor Show, January 2017. Sales will start in early 2018 and the price has not been set.

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