2017 Honda S2000 Concept

2017 Honda S2000-front view

2017 Honda S2000 is updated sports car that will appear on the market after several years of break in production. For the first time the model was launched in 2000 year and was produced until 2009 year. Return of sports car brings a difference in the mounted position of the engine that will now be in the middle. This settings can be found and in two other Honda models; Acura NSX and S660. In addition to engine, and design elements will also be taken. Sport concept of vehicle with a modern line is designed for the younger customers. Exterior will be unique with the new headlamps, fenders and the air ducts. Manufactured in the USA, and will be offered in two body styles: coupe and as a convertible. There is a possibility that it will introduce a convertible hardtop, so that with this innovation you get both versions.

2017 Honda S2000-front view

2017 Honda S2000  – Engines


The drive unit is based on a modified version of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder high performance engines. 2017 Honda S2000 will be mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch, which transmits the drive on the rear wheels. Hit on the US market are hybrid drive-train that combines a conventional engine with an electric motor. This hybrid system will deliver a 365 horsepower. Acceleration from 0  to 60 mph is achieved for 5 seconds, while top speed is 155 mph. Fuel economy is rated at 33 mpg EPA rating. Fuel economy and a new suspension will provide good driveability. Other information will subsequently be published.

2017 Honda S2000-rear view

2017 Honda S2000 – Interior


2017 Honda S2000 brings two sports seats that are anatomically designed. Using the finest natural materials increases the level of comfort. The center console is inspired by the concept of minimalist design, and high-quality plastic. The list of equipment includes a multi-functional steering wheel, digital instrument panel, indicator for charging hybrid and other functions. Safety is top thanks to standard systems and characteristics.

2017 Honda S2000-interior

​​2017 Honda S2000 – Price


Sell ​​new Honda S2000 will begin in late 2017 year. The price of the basic model will be around $ 60,000 depending on the type of drive and trim. Direct competitor to this model is the Mazda MX-5. Competition in the segment is very large and remains to be seen how the market will accept revised model.


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