2017 Honda Mobilio Exclusive

2017 Honda Mobilio-front view

While the model for 2016 year marks its expansion, 2017 Honda Mobilio is in preparation. It is the latest generation of MSP vehicles that will be placed on the market in late 2017 year. The changes are focused on the interior design and drive specifications. The exterior has remained faithful to his appearance with minimal changes to the elements. Aerodynamic panels and new materials will bring better performances. The front and rear fascia are trimmed so they will look to be more attractive. The cabin is inspired with new designs and colors, and the center console will update the devices on it. Special attention is dedicated to the entertainment system and multimedia content which will entertain passengers during the ride. Drive system he inherited the same units but with higher output values. The model is intended for families, and expected sales growth. New Mobilio will provide new experience in the ride.

2017 Honda Mobilio-front view

2017 Honda Mobilio – New performances


2017 Honda Mobilio is powered with gasoline and diesel engines that have a better fuel economy. The base is a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder VTEC engine with 130 horsepower. The optional engine is a diesel version of the i-DTEC, which will produce more than 100 horsepower. The engine will be linked to a CVT transmission and all-wheel drive. It is also available in 5-speed manual transmission that transmits on the two-wheel drive. Speed and acceleration are not yet available, but it is assumed that it will be higher. New technologies optimized engine performance and provide less fuel consumption compared to the current model. Independent suspension delivers good handling on all surfaces. Detailed specifications will be announced in the next blog.

2017 honda Mobilio-rear view

2017 Honda Mobilio – Interior


2017 Honda Mobilio can accommodate seven passengers distributed in three rows of seats. Seats are upholstered of natural leather and have to settings of the position. In addition, it is expected the steering wheel with three legs, a new audio system and decorative details. Standard equipment package has been updated with the new touch screen, automatic climates, navigation and wireless technology. Luggage space is reduced due to third rows while folding of seats is greater capacity. Security is at a high level thanks to modern active and passive systems. Projections prices have not yet been finalized and there is a possibility that by entering the market comes up with some new details. The final price will mainly depend on the choice of the type of unit and the diesel version will be slightly more expensive.

2017 Honda Mobilio-cabin

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