2017 Honda CR-Z News

2017 Honda CR-Z-front view

2017 Honda CR-Z is an elegant coupe which will be built on the Civic Type R platform. However, the wheelbase is less for 4 inches compared to the Civic Types R model. Modifications that are done are the needs of the new model. Progress has been made since the previous models that supported with Fit platforms. Hard structure and lightweight materials will reduce fuel consumption and improve performances. Exterior is taken several elements from the Civic Types R model. It is expected an aggressive front fascia, hair roof line, aerodynamic panels, alloy wheels, styled rear fascia and dual exhaust system. The interior have a seating 2 + 2, while the American market is thrown last row. The drive system is based on a hybrid drive with high performance. This model is highly sought after because of its efficiency and expects good sales.

2017 Honda CR-Z-front view

2017 Honda CR-Z – Hybrid

2017 Honda CR-Z is powered by an electric hybrid that combines a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and electric motor. This system delivers 280 horsepower at the outlet and the power is transmitted to the front wheels. The electric motor is fed via a new generation of lithium-ion battery of high capacity. The drivers on the available have the new 8-speed automatic transmission. Electric driving mode enables the autonomy of 30 miles. In offer can be find 1.5-liter gasoline engine. Fuel consumption according to the EPA rating is 39 mpg. Although there is still no information on the vehicle’s speed, expect to improve in this area. This is demonstrated by the test drive with impressive results. The new suspension and mechanical properties will bring better driving characteristics. Detailed specifications will be announced later.

2017 Honda CR-Z-rear view

2017 Honda CR-Z – Price

2017 Honda CR-Z features a modern interior design and limited luggage space. The seats are made from the finest materials and the cockpit is oriented towards the driver. The list of standard equipment is the new infotainment system, navigation, automatic air conditioning and other options. Passenger safety and stability is top notch thanks to good security package. The target markets are North America and Japan. In sale will be available in late 2016 year and the price will move from $ 20,000. Direct competitor is the Toyota Prius.

2017 Honda CR-Z-interior

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