2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Toyota Highlander

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Honda Highlander-front view

The US market is conducive for the full-size crossover intended for families. High demand in this segment of vehicles forced us to compare the two legendary SUV and  it: 2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Toyota Highlander. In the following we will try to bring you closer to the details of both vehicles, to be able to choose that one that suits you. In fact, both vehicles are of same quality and performances, so you certainly will not make a bad choice whomever you choose. The American market is dominated by superior Honda Pilot with its new design and modern forms. The edges are rounded shape and the front end is more aerodynamic. The new Highlander will be built stronger, and redesigned are side wings. Japanese manufacturers devote a lot of attention the design in last time.

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Honda Highlander-front view

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Toyota Highlander – Specification


2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Toyota Highlander has a similar offer to the power-train. Pilot launches 3.5-liter V6 “Earth Dreams” units that delivers 300 horsepower. The engine is mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission or 9-speed automatic, which transmits power to all four wheels. Fuel economy is estimated to 20 mpg with all-wheel drive. Highlander is powered by two different engines, and is used as a base 2.7-liter four-cylinder unit with 185 horsepower. The second engine is a 3.5 liter V6 engine with 270 horsepower. The offer will also be a hybrid version that combines a conventional engine with an electric motor. This model has a six -speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive. On one hand, the Pilot has a quality engine while Highlander has a greater variety of power-trains.

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Honda Highlander-side view

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Honda Highlander – Interior


If you have not been able to make a choice, we give you additional information about the interior. Capacity of cab as 2016 Honda Pilot is 8 passengers. Standard equipment includes a new generation of infotainment systems and safety features such as: Lane-Watch system, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Support and more. Passengers have comfortable seats and spacious luggage compartment. 2016 Toyota Highlander has the same passenger capacity and offer device. Unlike Pilot offers new materials and upholstery that will refresh the look of the cabin.

2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Honda Highlander-rear view

Final verdict


2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Toyota Highlander will see the light of day during 2015 year. Price Pilot will be around $ 38,000 while the Highlander can be found at a price of $ 30,000. Yet he is scheduled for the second half of 2015 year. Final verdict for competition between the two giants, goes supports the fact that your choice should depend on your personal impressions. Going through the specifications we were impressed with the both models.

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