2016 Honda N-BOX Slash Release Date

2016 Honda N-Box Slash-front view

2016 Honda N-BOX Slash is the new release of specific vehicles based on SUV platforms. The current model is a fifth generation that will get new upgrades and modernized design. Exterior is rectangular in shape and have the small wheels and tall doors which give an amazing look. The list of changes includes the front grille, headlamps, bumpers, chrome moldings and a revised rear fascia. It will probably be available in black or red exterior color. The cabin has 2 + 2 seating configuration that delivers enough legroom. Latest technology and excellent power steering deliver precise steering system. The propulsion system is based on a small turbo engine that is ideal for city driving and adapts to its terms. Customers will have access to three versions of the model and its low price guarantees good sales.

2016 Honda N-Box Slash-front view2016 Honda N-BOX Slash  – Under the hood

2016 Honda N-BOX Slash under the hood hides two versions of gasoline engine 660 cc. Basic engine will produce 50 horsepower, while the turbocharged version to raise output on the 70 horsepower. Both engines are connected to a CVT transmission that transmits engine torque to the front wheels or all four wheels. Fuel consumption is very economical and it is around 60.7 mpg. Switching Mode Controller provide dual servo mode with the electric parking brake. It’s great driving in the city for good maneuvering, parking and other driving skills. Detailed specifications will be announced later.

2016 Honda N-Box Slash-rear view

2016 Honda N-BOX Slash  – Price

2016 Honda N-BOX Slash brings a modern interior design. The cabin has a high seating position and four passengers will be deployed in two rows of seats. There is a possibility of overlapping seats freeing up cargo space. The center console has a new instrument panel, touchscreen, navigation, Sound System and many more. Sales will begin in the first quarter of 2016 and the price is very popular and amount $ 10,000. In Japan is very popular and will be the target of the world’s great cities where are traffic jams are enormous.

2016 Honda N-Box Slash-interior

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