2016 Honda Grace LX Review

2016 Honda Grace LX-front view

2016 Honda Grace LX is a compact sedan that was first introduced in Japan. The car will offer modern design and fuel economy that will leave you breathless. The exterior is inspired by the new LED technology, aerodynamic side panels, coupe roof-line, Premium Crystal Red Metallic color, auto mirrors and more. The cabin is very comfortable and is equipped with sophisticated technologies. The propulsion system is based on a 4-cylinder engine with high efficiency that not has hybrid technology. Good driving performance and low cost will attract new army of fans. Grace line is growing rapidly due to the large interests. The beginning of sales is planned at the end of 2015 year. The vehicle is uncompromising and is intended for a broader population due affordable prices.

2016 Honda Grace  LX-front view2016 Honda Grace LX  – Under the hood


2016 Honda Grace LX under the hood hides a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC engine with direct injection that has 97kW or 135 horsepower. At 5,000 rpm it produces 115 lb-ft torque. Fuel consumption according to the EPA rating is 51.2 mpg. CVT transmission transmits torque to the front wheels or all four wheel evenly. New mechanical corrections will bring better driving experience and performance. Advanced technologies are optimize engine and provide excellent performance. Speed is not yet available, but the other details of the specification will be published later.

2016 Honda Grace  LX-side view2016 Honda Grace LX  – Price


2016 Honda Grace LX has rich standard equipment. Seats are beautifully designed and covered with leather. Entering and exiting the cab is made easy with rotating seat of passenger. The list of devices includes: automatic air conditioning, Honda Smart Key system, leather steering wheel and more. Passenger safety is satisfactory because it contains a reference offer Honda active and passive systems. Vehicle price will depend on the choice of the type of drive. Price for two-wheel drive is $ 14.500 while the price for the all-wheel drive, about $ 16,000. Competition in the segment is large, Honda in addition to affordable prices guarantees and excellent quality.

2016 Honda Grace  LX-interior

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