2016 Honda Fit EV Availability

2016 Honda Fit EV-front view

2016 Honda Fit EV is a new compact with electric drive that comes on the market is improved compared to the previous model. Objection of the consumer in previous period was been its availability. Small series of production did not contribute to mass production and meeting the market demand. Exterior is get updates that have improve the visual identity of the vehicle. Modern forms and functions will leave you breathless. On the list of changes are found new alloy wheels, a rear spoiler that improves aerodynamics and new color scheme. In the perspective are the possible additional stylish details that will subsequently be published. Vehicle interior is very functional, with a wide range of materials and technologies that increase the level of comfort. The propulsion system is based on the energy that draws from the electric motor and delivers excellent driving performance. If you choose Fit EV model you will feel the excitement that gives you a new experience in driving.

2016 Honda Fit EV-front view

2016 Honda Fit EV – Electric motor


2016 Honda Fit EV initiates a new electric motor has an output of 92 kWh. Electric motor frees the output power of 100 horsepower and 189 lb-ft of torque. The system is fed via a lithium-ion battery with high capacity. Fast battery charging on your home electrical connections provides a real pleasure. The engine is mated to an automatic transmission which transmits drive to the front or all four wheels. Fuel consumption is estimated according EPA rating amounts 132 mpg in the city and 105 mpg on the highway. Independent suspension, rear multi-link suspension and other elements provide stabilizing the vehicle when driving. Detailed specifications will be published later.

2016 Honda Fit EV-rear view

2016 Honda Fit EV – Price


2016 Honda Fit EV is inspired by the elegant design. Cab can accommodate five passengers arranged in two rows. The seats are made of quality materials and have the possibility of ventilation, heating and adjustment positions. The list of equipment includes a new navigation system with voice commands, Bluetooth, upgraded infotainment system and many high-tech systems. On sale will be during the 2016 year, and the price ranges from $ 37,000. Competition in the segment of electric compacts vehicles is high.

2016 Honda Fit EV-interior

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