2016 Honda FCV Fuel Cell

2016 Honda FCV-front view

Honda is known for the production and placement of hybrid vehicles. Japanese manufacturers have good praxis and technology that are started evolution in the automotive industry. 2016 Honda FCV is a new model that delivers hydrogen-powered fuel cell. The vehicle was first presented at the Detroit Auto Show, January 2015. FCV Concept is inspired by the futuristic exterior design with a muscular hood, new front grille, and the slim headlights with integrated bumper, new side mirrors, coupe roof line, side air vents, rear spoiler and more. The interior is very elegant and spacious compared to competitive models. New materials and sophisticated technology will leave you breathless. Drive system delivers good drive autonomy and performances. Honda is announcing a revision powertrain and the introduction of new systems.

2016 Honda FCV-front view

2016 Honda FCV – Hydrogen power


2016 Honda FCV sedan runs on hydrogen. This operating system releases 134 horsepower. Driving range is 300 miles, and complement system takes only 3-5 minutes on hydrogen station. CVT automatic transmission will transmit torque to all four wheels. Precise control system guaranteed excellent driving characteristics. In offer will be a new generation Earth Dreams engines of supported new technologies. Hybrid engines will be replaced with a new type of drive that represents the future of motoring. Detailed specifications to fuel consumption and speed will subsequently be published.

2016 Honda FCV-rear view

2016 Honda FCV – Cabin


2016 Honda FCV brings modern cab design with more legroom. The cabin has two rows of seats that can accommodate five passengers. On the center console is functional steering wheel with new options and buttons. Also, available is new instrument panel with graphics and centrally positioned large touchscreen. The latest generation of infotainment systems enables communication with passengers. Combination leather, chrome and carbon fibers rise up the level of luxury. The whole concept is characterized by a minimalist approach with ultra-comfortable seats. The glass panoramic roof enhanced the ambient in the cabin. Luggage space is an adequate number of passengers. On American roads will be found during the year 2016, while the price is still not known. Direct competitor is the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell.

2016 Honda FCV-interior

Large funds are invested in alternative drives, such as hydrogen. Honda has invested a whopping $ 14 million dollars for the development of stations in America. It is expected the stabilization of this type of vehicles that will compete with conventional drive or an advanced hybrid drive.

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